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Wiltshire Tree Surgeon

We’re pleased and proud to be leading arborists in Wiltshire, offering a comprehensive range of tree surgery, stump removal and hedge trimming services across the county for residents, businesses and organisations of all sorts.

Tree Felling & Trimming in Wiltshire

We care for trees and shrubs everywhere in Wiltshire, from the county town of Trowbridge across all the charming towns and villages and beautiful countryside of Wiltshire, where our firm is based in the town of Melksham.

Since our firm was established in 2010 we’ve built up a solid reputation for delivering quality workmanship at competitive prices with our team of qualified Wiltshire tree surgeons.

We also supply customers with firewood to order all over Wiltshire, delivering split and seasoned hardwood logs straight to your wood store or driveway – a useful by-product of our daily tree surgery work.

Tree Work in Wiltshire

As professional tree surgeons we are available to carry out all sorts of tree work in Wiltshire, including:

  • Tree planting – including selection and post-planting checks in Wiltshire
  • Tree surveys and assessments in Wiltshire
  • Dealing with tree diseases such as Ash Dieback in Wiltshire
  • Crown Reductions, crown balancing, crown thinning and crown re-shaping in Wiltshire
  • Tree pollarding in Wiltshire
  • Help with Tree Preservation Orders in Wiltshire
  • Tree Felling and stump removal in Wiltshire
  • Site clearances in Wiltshire (CSCS registered for construction site work)

We carry out all our tree work in Wiltshire complying with the highest standards of health and safety, and to the British Standard for tree work BS3998. We’re fully insured and very particular about leaving our work sites clean and tidy at the end of a job, removing all green waste for recycling.

Professional Wiltshire Tree Surgeons

We’re passionate about trees in Wiltshire, getting most of our work from word-of-mouth recommendation. We work for regular clients who have trees in their grounds in Wiltshire, having maintained some trees since planting through to maturity in all sorts of Wiltshire locations, from private gardens to country estates, churchyards to urban developments.

Tree Felling

Trees are sometimes felled for essential reasons, such as removing dead or dangerous trees, harvesting timber, or making way for development. In the UK, you need a felling license from the Forestry Commission to cut down trees. We are qualified and committed to protecting Wiltshire’s tree ecosystem. If you live in the area and would like a quote for a project, call us on 01225 345137 or 07759 205453, or email us on

Tree Crown Reduction

Tree crown reduction consists of pruning a tree’s branches to enhance various factors. This technique is employed to increase light exposure, minimise the danger of branches dropping, and stimulate new growth in nearby environments. In Wiltshire’s parks and gardens, tree crown reduction plays a crucial role in maintaining plant health, as well as contributing to a balanced ecosystem.

If you have trees that need attention in Wiltshire, or unruly hedges that need bringing into line, contact us for a no-obligation, free quotation for tree services in Wiltshire.

At West Country Tree Services, we are pleased to offer superior tree surgery, hedge work, and firewood services across Wiltshire and Somerset. We cover all towns within Wiltshire and Somerset, including Bath (BA1), Bradford-on-Avon (BA15), Calne (SN11), Chippenham (SN14), Corsham (SN13), Devizes (SN10), Malmesbury (SN16), Market Lavington (SN10), Melksham (SN12), Peasedown St John (BA2), Royal Wootton Bassett (SN16), Swindon (SN1), Trowbridge (BA14), Warminster (BA12), and Westbury (BA13).

West Country Tree Services is highly rated on Check A Trade.

Please feel free to contact West Country at any time call Dan on 01225 345137 or 07759 205453 or email our friendly expert team at We look forward to hearing from you.

Who are our clients?

With a team of highly skilled and experienced tree surgeons, West Country Tree Services offers a wide range of tree care and tree maintenance services to a wide range of clients including

  • Tree Surgeons for Domestic Clients
  • Tree Surgeons for Parish Councils
  • Tree Surgeons for Schools & Nurseries
  • Tree Surgeons for Arboretums
  • Tree Surgeons for the M.O.D
  • Tree Surgeons for Construction Companies (CSCS registered)
  • Tree Surgeons for Property Developers
  • Tree Surgeons for Country Estates
  • Tree Surgeons for Conservation Areas (including TPO’s)