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Tree Surgery Videos

One thing is certain – you can’t be a tree surgeon unless you have a head for heights! Dan Potter and his team of arborists admit that they thoroughly enjoy the physical fitness and dash of daring that it takes to do their jobs.

They have all the theoretical knowledge too, with plenty of qualifications and experience in subjects like woodland ecology and conservation, aboriculture and forestry between them, but it is ascending into the treetops on special rigging, carrying a chainsaw, that really gets the adrenalin going and keeps them passionate about their jobs.

The team is, however, fully aware that tree work is a high risk activity, which is why they need constantly refreshed Health and Safety training and certification to carry out their aerial tree work and to operate chainsaws safely and effectively.

It’s not just a case of shimmying up a tree and lopping off branches. Before work at height commences the tree surgeon must carefully assess anchor points for rope access or work positioning, taking into account the species of tree, its age, condition and the presence of any disease. The risk of branches of cut timber falling and causing a hazard to people or buildings has to also be calculated and planned for, and machinery and equipment to safely handle the timber to be removed has to be put in place.

The West Country Tree Services ground crew have an important part to play, too, supporting the climbers, anticipating their needs, passing up tools and other equipment when required, and keeping ropes below in safe positions free of knots and tangles.

You can rely on West Country Tree Services to work safely and efficiently on y our property or in public spaces when tending to or felling trees, as is evident in the videos below. We thought you’d like to see us in action, so we hope you enjoy watching us put our skills and training to good use.

Our trained tree surgeons putting their skills and training to good use taking down a diseased Ash tree in Box, near Bath.

Our tree surgeons pollarding several tall Lombardy Poplar trees near Melksham.
The West Country Tree Services team using their rigging skills and experience to safely remove a large Beech tree growing over houses in Bath.
Felling a large Leylandii trees in Chippenham to utilise more garden space.
Our tree surgeons removing a diseased Ash tree near Bristol. The tree was felled, chipped, logged into lengths and split into firewood in the same day.