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Professional Tree Surgery Services in Bath & Wiltshire

As professional tree surgeons we at West Country Tree Services are passionate about looking after trees and helping them to live longer, and that sometimes involves surgery and other treatment. We’re involved in all stages of a tree’s life, from its planting to eventual removal if or when required.

We’re responsible for the planting, felling, pruning and general care and maintenance of trees in and around the city of Bath, and across the whole of Wiltshire, including Calne, Chippenham, Corsham, Devizes, Malmesbury, Melksham, Trowbridge, Swindon and Westbury, as well as many other towns and villages.

Specialist Tree Services: From Planting to Felling, Pruning, and Disease Management

We perform the following types of tree work across Bath and north Wiltshire:

  • Conservation area and tree preservation order applications, particularly important in the heritage city of Bath and in the historic towns and villages of Wiltshire.
  • Tree inspections and hazard/risk assessments to ensure trees close to buildings or in public spaces don’t pose a risk of injury or damage to people and structures in the vicinity.
  • Tree maintenance advice. As arboricultural experts we are qualified to advise you on all aspects of tree management.
  • Identifying tree diseases, such as Ash Dieback, and advice on treatment or removal of infected trees.
  • Specialist tree planting service, including selection, support, and post-planting checks, to ensure trees are planted in appropriate locations and in adequate tree pits so they have the best chance of flourishing.
  • Crown Reductions and crown thinning, used to reduce the mechanical stress on individual branches or a whole tree, to reduce the effect of shading and light loss or other environmental factors.
  • Re-shaping and crown balancing involve careful pruning of the crown to improve the aesthetics of a tree that has grown out of symmetry.
  • Pollarding to limit the size of a tree to a certain height involves pruning the main branch systems, and should be repeated every few years.
  • Felling This is sometimes necessary if the tree has become diseased, dead or dying, is causing subsidence issues for buildings, or is in an unsuitable location. Removing a tree needs to be carefully planned and executed by qualified professionals.
  • Deadwood removal and crown cleaning is necessary to prevent branches rubbing which can lead to pathogens and disease entering the tree. Deadwood also poses a safety hazard and should be removed where necessary to reduce the risk of injury or damage of falling branches.
  • Crown lifting and pruning from structures is sometimes required in order to prevent a tree from impacting on a building. The crown is lifted by removing branches from the lower part of the canopy, or shortening them to provide clearance from the building.
  • Rigging and crane work are often essential for arborists, calling for a high level of training and compliance with various health and safety laws and guidelines.
  • Site clearance and green waste removal are an integral part of our tree services – we leave our work sites as neat as a pin!
  • Aerial inspections are an advanced method of assessing the condition of a tree, which we carry out when a ground-based visual inspection is not sufficient to reveal the details of a defect.
  • Storm damaged trees need not necessarily be a hopeless case. We assess the damage and advise whether a storm-damaged tree can be saved and pruned to recover its former glory.
  • We are CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) registered for undertaking tree work on construction sites.
  • Wood chipper hire (man and machine) for those who have been doing a bit of extreme gardening or land clearing and need to dispose of the evidence tidily.

West Country Tree Services was established in 2010 and has a solid reputation for delivering quality tree work at competitive rates.

If you are concerned about the condition of a tree or trees on your property contact us to call in Dan Potter and his team of experienced arborists for an assessment and quotation.

Our Locations

At West Country Tree Services, we are pleased to offer superior tree surgery, hedge work, and firewood services across Wiltshire and Somerset. We cover all towns within Wiltshire and Somerset, including Tree Surgeons Bath BA1 & BA2,Tree Surgeons Bradford on Avon BA15,Tree Surgeons Calne SN11,Tree Surgeons Chippenham, Tree Surgeons Corsham
Tree Surgeons Devizes, Tree Surgeons in Malmesbury, Tree Surgeons Peasedown St John, Tree Surgeons Royal Wotton Bassett, Tree Surgeons Swindon, Tree Surgeons Trowbridge, Tree Surgeons Warminster and
Tree Surgeons in Westbury.

Slight reduction of a Mature Beech tree in Trowbridge

Willow Pollard, Lacock.

Tree tomography test (x-ray scan) for decay and weaknesses including a full written report and recommendations in Malmesbury.