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Professional Tree Felling Services in Somerset and Wiltshire

Tree Felling Bath, Melksham, Chippenham & The Local Area

For most of us the decision to cut down a tree is an emotional one, but if there is no alternative felling a tree is a dangerous and difficult job that needs to be done by professionals, who have the skills, knowledge and equipment.

Our experienced tree surgeons can evaluate the condition of a tree and determine whether felling is advised, and then plan and prepare the actual tree removal itself.

If possible, we will suggest other ways to render the tree safe and viable – perhaps pollarding, crown thinning or lifting – to keep it healthy in its location and not have to cut it down.

Why Trees Need to be Cut Down

The reasons for felling a tree are many. Some of the most common are:

  • Death – dead and decaying trees are a hazard and an eyesore.
  • Disease – if a tree is diseased beyond the point of treatment it should be removed to avoid the disease spreading to other trees in the area.
  • Location – trees often grow large enough to impact on structures, their roots damaging drains and their branches threatening roofs, for example.
  • Obstruction – trees might be inconveniently placed, cutting out light from a building, overshadowing a garden, or causing an obstruction for garden landscaping.
  • Site Clearance – if you are developing a site where trees grow, you will no doubt need to clear them out of the way to undertake building work.

How Trees are Professionally Felled

Our tree specialists undertake tree felling in the city of Bath, across North East Somerset, and in north west Wiltshire, including Calne, Chippenham, Corsham, Devizes, Malmesbury, Melksham, Trowbridge, Warminster and Westbury.

We are experts in both the straight fell of trees (the removal of trees as a single unit) or section felling (dismantling the tree in stages with the use of lowering ropes, cables and slings).

Working in mainly urban and suburban areas we mostly practice section felling, because unless the tree is sited in a very large area it is difficult to ascertain a direction of straight fall that will be free of the risk of causing damage to structures or the surroundings.

When you need a tree removed we will conduct a site survey and give you a price quotation for the work, as well as a time estimate. You will also have the option of stump grinding to completely eradicate all sign of the tree from your property.

Each tree fell is carefully planned and orchestrated, carried out by our qualified tree surgeons who are trained for aerial operations, using a harness, rigging and ropes to raise themselves and the required equipment into the tree. Sections of tree are cut off in a pre-planned order and lowered carefully in a controlled manner to the workers on the ground.

Tree Felling & The Law

You have every right to have trees growing on your own land removed or pruned without anyone’s permission, as long as they are not covered by a TPO (Tree Protection Order) or in a conservation area. If you’re not sure whether trees on your property are protected it’s better to be safe than sorry – check with your local planning authority. If you cut down a tree under a TPO you’re at risk of a big fine.

Tree felling outside of private property requires a felling licence from the Forestry Commission, and of course if you live in a rental property you will need the consent of the landlord before you commission any tree work.

If you have any doubts about your rights to remove a tree or trees from a property we’ll be happy to help you find out your legal position and obtain the necessary permission if required.

Felling a tree should always be a last resort, but when it needs to be done you can rely on West Country Tree Services to take on the task safely, tidily and as promptly as possible.

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