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Expert Stump Removal Services in Wiltshire and Somerset

Why Remove Tree Stumps?

Old tree stumps can often regrow and require ongoing maintenance. They inhibit the ability to replant and take up precious space required for redevelopment. They can also be a hazard, holding diseases such as honey fungus that in time can spread to other plants.

All our team members are highly qualified and use the latest equipment. We are fully insured with public liability insurance to the value of £5 million and employers’ liability insurance to £10 million.  We have an excellent safety record and offer a full professional service.

We can grind any remaining stumps, large or small, to eliminate these hazards and leave the area clear for you by providing you with a team of expert tree surgeons trained in safe and tidy stump removal.

Our Stump Grinding Process: Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

We have specialist stump grinding equipment for tree stumps that are hard to access. The equipment is powerful enough to remove large stumps and small enough to be carried through a property if necessary, leaving no mess.

We also offer chemical treatments if stump grinding is not required.

The benefits of stump grinding:

  • The hard material of the stump is reduced to sawdust and shavings that can remain on the ground as a natural mulch.
  • The process has very little impact on surrounding plants or garden obstacles such as walls and patios.
  • The tree stump can be removed to an approximate 6″ – 10″ depth (Normally, approximately 8″ below ground level, however we can grind deeper than this if necessary).
  • Mechanical destruction of a stump by stump grinding is less disruptive to the site than digging out.
  • The hole left by stump grinding, can be filled with soil or other material or can be replanted with a tree or shrub.
  • We assess the risk at every site and use stump grinding guards to protect your property

Stump grinding benefits at a glance:

  • No future management
  • No regrowth
  • Space for other land use e.g. planting, landscaping or building
  • No safety hazard
  • Reduce the source for pests or pathogens

Please see our testimonials page for customer feedback and our gallery for examples of work we have completed.

Who are our clients?

With a team of highly skilled and experienced tree surgeons, West Country Tree Services offers a wide range of tree care and tree maintenance services to a wide range of clients including

  • Tree Surgeons for Domestic Clients
  • Tree Surgeons for Parish Councils
  • Tree Surgeons for Schools & Nurseries
  • Tree Surgeons for Arboretums
  • Tree Surgeons for the M.O.D
  • Tree Surgeons for Construction Companies (CSCS registered)
  • Tree Surgeons for Property Developers
  • Tree Surgeons for Country Estates
  • Tree Surgeons for Conservation Areas (including TPO’s)

Our Locations

At West Country Tree Services, we are pleased to offer superior tree surgery, hedge work, and firewood services across Wiltshire and Somerset. We cover all towns within Wiltshire and Somerset, including Tree Surgeons Bath BA1 & BA2,Tree Surgeons Bradford on Avon BA15,Tree Surgeons Calne SN11,Tree Surgeons Chippenham, Tree Surgeons Corsham Tree Surgeons Devizes, Tree Surgeons in Malmesbury, Tree Surgeons Peasedown St John, Tree Surgeons Royal Wotton Bassett, Tree Surgeons Swindon, Tree Surgeons Trowbridge, Tree Surgeons Warminster and Tree Surgeons in Westbury.

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