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Affordable Firewood in Bath and West Wiltshire

Locally Sourced Logs For Your Woodburner

There’s nothing quite so cosy as curling up on a winter’s evening in front of a roaring open fire of wood burner. Fortunately, a by-product of our “day job” at West Country Tree Services provides the ideal fuel for those fires – locally sourced hardwood and softwood hand split seasoned logs and kindling.

Our work as sought after tree surgeons in west Wiltshire and the city of Bath means we have a ready supply of timber, professionally felled or pruned, so the logical sustainable use for this waste wood is to turn it into firewood.

This we do by hand-splitting the tree trunks and branches removed from our work sites, and then carefully store the logs away for at least a year, to make sure they dry out and become fully seasoned, ready to keep the home fires burning across the area.

If you’re used to lighting fires then you’ll know that the hottest, most efficient fires are made from hardwood logs with a low moisture content, preferably below 20%. This is because logs that are damp or that still contain a lot of sap give off more condensates while burning, sooting up the chimney and increasing the danger of chimney fires. Wet wood also uses up much of the heat energy in the firebox to evaporate the moisture in the logs, meaning less heat is given off by the fire.

Hardwood or Softwood Fire Logs

When it comes to the species of logs that are best for burning, hardwood wins hands down because of its high density which makes it burn longer and more cleanly, so we supply oak, ash, beech and birch logs that are well-suited to woodburners and open fires.

We supply softwood logs too, like pine and fir, which generate the same amount of heat but burn far more quickly than hardwood – ideal for kindling, or open fires where the aroma of the burning coniferous wood adds to the atmosphere, along with the characteristic crackling, popping and sparking of a softwood fire.

Whether you want firewood to fuel a fragrant summer chimnea or firepit, build up a heat storm in a sizzling pizza oven, grill burgers on the barbecue, or add to your indoor ambience when its cold outside, we’ll deliver the goods.

Firewood with free delivery in Bath and West Wiltshire

West Country Tree Services give free, no-obligation quotations for the supply and delivery of any quantity of seasoned firewood, whether you need a large volume of logs or small stack. We are committed to giving the best prices for firewood in our area, which covers the city of Bath and surrounds, and all the major towns in west Wiltshire like Calne, Chippenham, Corsham, Devizes, Malmesbury, Melksham, Trowbridge, Westbury and Swindon.

Delivery is free direct to your wood store or driveway.

Once you have received your seasoned firewood order we recommend that you keep it outdoors under a shelter to keep it dry, but not completely covered. It is important that the sides be open to allow for air circulation and ventilation to keep the logs dry. For the same reason you should stack your firewood so that there are gaps between the logs – stacks of about a metre tall and one log deep are recommended. Keep them off of the ground – using a wooden pallet as a base is a good idea.

To order seasoned firewood at any time of year contact West Country Tree Services for a price quotation and to arrange delivery.

Split and seasoned hardwood logs delivered straight to your wood store or driveway.  We won’t be beaten on price!

Who are our clients?

With a team of highly skilled and experienced tree surgeons, West Country Tree Services offers a wide range of tree care and tree maintenance services to a wide range of clients including

  • Tree Surgeons for Domestic Clients
  • Tree Surgeons for Parish Councils
  • Tree Surgeons for Schools & Nurseries
  • Tree Surgeons for Arboretums
  • Tree Surgeons for the M.O.D
  • Tree Surgeons for Construction Companies (CSCS registered)
  • Tree Surgeons for Property Developers
  • Tree Surgeons for Country Estates
  • Tree Surgeons for Conservation Areas (including TPO’s)

Our Locations

At West Country Tree Services, we are pleased to offer superior tree surgery, hedge work, and firewood services across Wiltshire and Somerset. We cover all towns within Wiltshire and Somerset, including Tree Surgeons Bath BA1 & BA2,Tree Surgeons Bradford on Avon BA15,Tree Surgeons Calne SN11,Tree Surgeons Chippenham, Tree Surgeons Corsham Tree Surgeons Devizes, Tree Surgeons in Malmesbury, Tree Surgeons Peasedown St John, Tree Surgeons Royal Wotton Bassett, Tree Surgeons Swindon, Tree Surgeons Trowbridge, Tree Surgeons Warminster and Tree Surgeons in Westbury.

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