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Tree Surgeon Royal Wootton Bassett SN4

  Once just plain old Wootton Bassett, the small town in north Wiltshire received royal patronage in 2011 in recognition of its role in honouring the bodies of servicemen being repatriated from conflict zones around the world.

Now Royal Wootton Bassett holds its head high with its crowning glory, just like the trees in the town’s private and public gardens and thoroughfares.

When it comes to royal treatment, we at West Country Tree Services make sure that Royal Wootton Bassett’s trees and hedges don’t lose out. Our team of skilled, qualified tree surgeons and hedge trimmers are on the spot to help whenever they are needed.

We offer our professional arborist services in and around the SN4 postcode area covering Royal Wootton Bassett and its outlying areas like Noremarsh, Coped Hall, Woodshaw, Vastern, and Vowley Farm.

Wide Range of Tree Services in Royal Wootton Bassett sn4

We’re certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and CSCS registered to work on construction sites, so eminently qualified and competent to carry out any and all types of tree work in Royal Wootton Bassett and the SN4 postcode.

We have the knowledge and equipment to undertake aerial tree surveys, tree inspections and tree hazard and risk assessments in Royal Wootton Bassett, always pleased to assist with troublesome trees on commercial or residential grounds. We’re experts in identifying and treating diseases in Royal Wootton Bassett such as Ash Dieback.

We are often hired to work with local developers and builders in Royal Wootton Bassett to advise on tree management or carry out tree removals on construction sites.

Most of our work, though, consists of tree pruning and tree shaping in Royal Wootton Bassett. We perform tree surgery such as crown reductions, crown thinning, pollarding or dead wood removal, trained to work at height in compliance with all health and safety regulations and guidelines.

  • Tree inspections and hazard/risk assessments in Royal Wootton Bassett SN4
    We use our experience and years of expert knowledge to come to the correct decision regarding a potentially dangerous tree. 
  • Tree planting and aftercare in Royal Wootton Bassett SN4
    This involves planning where and what type of tree should be planted for the select environment. Then after we have planted new trees we run regular checks to make sure its growing healthy. 
  • Identification & treatment of tree diseases in Royal Wootton Bassett SN4
    Using our years of experience we can quickly determine what type of disease your tree has and if its treatable. We’ll try to avoid felling and often times the infection wont have spread throughout the tree.
  • Tree re-shaping and crown thinning in Royal Wootton Bassett SN4
    Trees can provide too much shade and can take up too much space in gardens and parks. Removing some branches from the crown, allows more light to penetrate through to lower canopies and woodland/parkland floors, promoting a healthier environment. 
  • Pollarding in Royal Wootton Bassett SN4
    Pollarding is useful when trees grow too tall, increasing the chances of falling, or damage to surrounding structures. 
  • Deadwood removal in Royal Wootton Bassett SN4
    Dead branches, logs and trees pose a risk to people by falling and they can infect the surrounding trees. Removing them promotes healthy tree systems. 
  • Crown lifting in Royal Wootton Bassett SN4                                                                                                    In most villages and towns, buildings and trees coexist in close proximity to each other. Preventing the two from damaging from one another is helped by cutting off branches.
  • Arial tree inspections in Royal Wootton Bassett SN4
    When ground-based visuals are not possible, using advanced technology to get an accurate picture helps us make the best decision.
  • Tree Felling in Royal Wootton Bassett SN4
    Tree removals can be carried out for a variety of reasons including disease, deadwood and risk to public/buildings. 
  • Stump Removal in Royal Wootton Bassett SN4
    Tree stumps can be an eyesore, so we use specialist stump removal equipment to get rid of them.


Royal Wootton Bassett Stump Grinding

Old tree stumps are a nuisance in the garden or on any site where they present an obstacle, take up space and harbour diseases like honey fungus and insect pests.

If you need to get rid of a tree stump in Royal Wootton Bassett, just give us a call and we’ll be able to deal with it quickly, efficiently and tidily. With our specialist stump grinding equipment we’ll reduce the stump to sawdust and shavings that will just stay on the ground as a natural mulch.

If we need to fell a tree in Royal Wootton Bassett we can thus remove the entire tree, right down to the stump.

Hedge Trimming in Royal Wootton Bassett

You may well notice that many of the hedges in Royal Wootton Bassett are extremely healthy, dense and neatly trimmed. This is because our hedge work team are often busy tending to hedges in the town, making sure they have a regular trim a few times a year.

Hedges are perfect for privacy screening and wind protection and our hedgers are adept at laying new hedges in Royal Wootton Bassett.

We give no obligation quotations after a site visit for all our tree services and hedge work in Royal Wootton Bassett, so don’t delay – contact us today.

Tree Felling

At West Country Tree Services, we are qualified and committed to protecting the trees of Royal Wootton Bassett. Our team of experienced tree surgeons can help you with all aspects of tree care, from felling to pruning to planting. We understand the importance of trees to our community, and we work to minimize the impact of any felling that we do. If you have any trees that need felling, please contact us today on 01225 345137 or 07759 205453 or email us on

Tree Crown Reduction

Tree crown reduction, also known as tree trimming, is the process of reducing the size of a tree’s canopy by cutting back its branches. This is done to improve light penetration, reduce the risk of falling branches, and encourage new growth. Tree crown reduction is an important part of tree care and can help to maintain the beauty and health of trees in parks and gardens. If you have any trees that need felling, please contact us today on 01225 345137 or 07759 205453 or email us on

At West Country Tree Services, we are pleased to offer superior tree surgery, hedge work, and firewood services across Wiltshire and Somerset. We cover all towns within Wiltshire and Somerset, including Bath (BA1), Bradford-on-Avon (BA15), Calne (SN11), Chippenham (SN14), Corsham (SN13), Devizes (SN10), Malmesbury (SN16), Market Lavington (SN10), Melksham (SN12), Peasedown St John (BA2), Royal Wootton Bassett (SN16), Swindon (SN1), Trowbridge (BA14), Warminster (BA12), and Westbury (BA13).

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Who are our clients?

With a team of highly skilled and experienced tree surgeons, West Country Tree Services offers a wide range of tree care and tree maintenance services to a wide range of clients including

  • Tree Surgeons for Domestic Clients
  • Tree Surgeons for Parish Councils
  • Tree Surgeons for Schools & Nurseries
  • Tree Surgeons for Arboretums
  • Tree Surgeons for the M.O.D
  • Tree Surgeons for Construction Companies (CSCS registered)
  • Tree Surgeons for Property Developers
  • Tree Surgeons for Country Estates
  • Tree Surgeons for Conservation Areas (including TPO’s)