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Tree Surgeons Westbury Wiltshire

The Kindest Cuts

If you ask around for a recommended tree surgeon in Westbury, Wiltshire, you will undoubtedly be referred to West Country Tree Services – the leading local arboricultural contractors.

We’ve built up a large fan base of satisfied customers in Westbury and right across Wiltshire because of our high levels of service and professionalism.

Our team of arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, fully insured and health and safety conscious, eminently qualified to cut and care for the trees of Westbury.

We work with all sorts of customers in and around Westbury, from property developers and schools to local authorities and country estates. A great deal of our work, however, is done for domestic clients in private gardens. We are called in to prune trees to improve their health and aesthetic structure, or to undertake crown raising to increase the clearance underneath a tree.

When trees grow in an urban setting they often interfere with overhead wires, fences or buildings, in which case crown reduction techniques need to be employed.

There is more to professional tree surgery than just lopping off branches! In fact, unqualified people who top trees or randomly prune them leave them not only with unsightly stubs, but could actually be killing them off. Unqualified tree trimming can leave trees susceptible to pests or pathogens, or cause them to start decaying, becoming a hazard.

As expert tree surgeons we know that pruning should be done according to a set plan with a specific purpose in mind. We have great respect for trees and take great care to remove the minimum amount of live tree tissue as possible, cutting in the right spots to limit wounding and facilitate healing.

West Country Tree Services employs only experienced arborists. Our team of professionals who work in Westbury includes trained specialists in all the different arboriculture disciplines, such as diagnosis and treatment, climbing, pruning, cabling, lightning protection, planting, re-location consultation, conservation and preservation.

Of course, if removal of a tree is the only option, we accomplish this as quickly, safely and tidily as possible.

If you live in Westbury and are bothered by unhealthy or intrusive trees, give us a call for advice and a no-obligation, competitive quotation. Contact West Country Tree Services at telephone 01225 345137, mobile 07759 205453, or email