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Tree Surgeons Swindon

Swindon – midway between London and Bristol – is well-known as a railway town and transport hub (think Great Western Railway and the Magic Roundabout!).

Most would hardly consider this town associated with steam locomotives and heavy traffic to be a green oasis, so it is perhaps surprising to discover that the Swindon Borough Council is responsible for more than 40,000 trees in Swindon’s streets and public parks.

Of course there are many more tens of thousands of trees in Swindon and surrounds, standing stately and serene on private land – either on commercial property or in domestic gardens. It is these trees that West Country Tree Services are intent on maintaining and preserving, recognising their intrinsic value to the urban sprawl of Swindon, which has been identified by the Centre for Cities thinktank as one of Britain’s five “fast-growth cities”.

As the population of Swindon increases apace, so does urban development, and it becomes increasingly important to tend and nurture the trees of the town.

Busy towns like Swindon benefit from having plenty of trees in all sorts of ways. Most importantly trees clean the air by absorbing odours and pollutants, and filtering out particulates by trapping them in their leaves and bark. They also give out oxygen, provide shade, and are a haven for birds and other wildlife. An abundance of trees in a neighbourhood has even been shown to reduce violent behaviour, anxiety and mental fatigue.

Being experienced and professional tree surgeons, we at West Country Tree Services are usually the firm called in by Swindonians to execute tree work like re-shaping, crown thinning and reductions, deadwood removal, pruning and, if necessary, felling.

We offer advice, and can assist with planning permission or work on trees under protection orders.

As expert arborists, the West Country Tree Services team is also qualified to undertake the removal of stumps, rendering storm damaged trees safe, clearing construction sites and doing specialist hedge trimming.

We have developed a reputation in Swindon for our efficiency and tidiness – all green waste is removed from the worksite and recycled as bio-mass, garden mulch or compost.

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