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Tree Surgeons Malmesbury Wiltshire

Those lucky enough to live in or near the ancient Wiltshire town of Malmesbury, on the fringe of the Cotswolds, place a great deal of value on their trees – both in terms of their intrinsic and financial worth.

This is evidenced by the fact that West Country Tree Services – the preferred local tree surgeons in Malmesbury – are much in demand, maintaining the town’s myriad trees.

As one Malmesbury resident explained, it is worth spending a little to have the trees on your property well tended, because a beautiful, majestic tree in the right position enhances your home, adding to its re-sale value.

Nadeem Walayat, Editor of The Market Oracle, estimates that “typically £500 spent (on tree maintenance) can convert into as much as £2.5k increase in home value”.

Of course the converse is also true. Unmaintained trees can seriously reduce the value of your property.

Potential buyers can be put off, for example, by overhanging branches that block light, or pose a threat if they should snap off.

Unkempt, out of control trees pose all sorts of dangers and risks, and might impact on home insurance costs – all these factors are likely to diminish the market value of the house.It is hard to imagine that trees have a monetary value. This is, however, definitely the case. There are a number of tree valuation formulae used by tree appraisal specialists which are applied to individual trees or groups of trees to attribute a value to them.

There is a great deal that West Country Tree Services can do to ensure that the trees on your property in Malmesbury are precious rather than prejudicial.

Our professional arborists are trained to make the best of any tree. There are all sorts of “tricks of the trade” that can be employed to shape, secure, prune and pamper a problem mature tree, making it attractive, healthy and safe for as long as possible.

If there is no other course of action, we are well-qualified and equipped to execute a full tree removal.

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