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Tree Surgeon Devizes Wiltshire

Trees are a Risky Business

It’s easy to take trees for granted, but in the Wiltshire town of Devizes they are especially prized by the local residents, as is evidenced by the fact that West Country Tree Services are in great demand in the area. We are expert Tree Surgeons who service Devizes and the surrounding areas.

We at West Country Tree Services are professional arborists, which means we are trained to care for trees of all ages and stages, from sassy saplings to those in their decaying dotage.

One of our favourite places in Devizes is the Leipzig Plantation, to the north of the town, where beautiful Beech trees cover more than four acres of wooded area, open to the community to enjoy for leisure and pleasure. Then there is the green open space of Hillworth Park with its landmark old English Oak tree, and The Green in the heart of town where tall trees watch over lively local events.

Besides these public trees, Devizes has an abundance of trees on private property all over the town and surrounds, and West Country Tree Services are dedicated to keeping them healthy and safe. We are concerned not only with prolonging the life of trees, but also understanding and addressing the risks associated with them when they are decayed, damaged or diseased.

In our experience there is no such thing as a “safe” tree – any and all of them have the potential to fall and damage property or threaten human life. Regular tree maintenance obviously reduces the risk significantly, but as a tree owner it is your responsibility to call in a professional arborist if you suspect a problem.

Some things to look out for are large dead branches in the tree; cavities or rotten wood in the trunk or major branches; mushrooms at the base of the tree; a leaning trunk; unusually coloured or sized leaves; and cracks or splits in the trunk. If you notice any of these things it is wise to consult us for advice and treatment, especially if the tree is near a structure or power lines which could be damaged if it fell.

Do-it-yourself tree work such as heavy pruning can cause a tree to become unstable, as can things like digging holes around the roots, or even laying lawn or pavement beneath it. The removal of nearby trees can also disrupt the balance of a tree.

Most of the work we undertake in Devizes is as tree surgeons. We are expert at pruning, re-shaping, crown thinning and balancing, deadwood removal and pollarding, for example. We can and do also act as consultants for all sorts of tree issues from conservation and preservation to clearing land and construction sites (we are CSCS registered).

To ensure that the trees on your property in Devizes are growing healthily and are as safe as possible – set to bring beauty to the environment for years to come – call West Country Tree Services for a no-obligation, competitive quotation on landline 01225 345137, mobile 07759 205453, or email