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Tree Surgeons Corsham

Keeping Trees in Shape

When it comes to caring for the local trees – whether they be on public or private land – the folk of Corsham generally invest in the best service available. For Corsham this means West Country Tree Services – a company certified by the International Society of Aboriculture (ISA).

Corsham is a pretty west Wiltshire town that is proud of its aristocratic heritage, sporting the central stately home and grounds of Corsham Court, with various other noteworthy historical buildings in the vicinity.

The people of Corsham have realised that proper tree care is a sound investment – well-cared for trees are an attractive enhancement to the town and can add value to individual properties.

West Country Tree Services are the tree surgeons of choice for Corsham residents because we hold an ISA certification, proving we are knowledgeable about the art and science of tree care, and are equipped, trained and sufficiently experienced to provide the required care.

As arborists we specialise in the care and maintenance of individual trees. Poor maintenance or damage caused by construction activity, for example, can often turn a tree from a thing of beauty into a hazardous liability.  We therefore urge tree-owners in Corsham to keep a check on trees on their property for signs of damage, deadwood, disease or the development of hazardous branches and roots.

Signs of a stressed tree can include smaller and fewer leaves, dieback in the crown and premature autumn colouring. Damaged or distressed trees are prone to attack by diseases and pests, which hasten their decline and decay, rendering them unsafe.

Should you become concerned about any trees on your property consult West Country Tree Services for advice so that we can make a professional assessment and provide you with a free no-obligation quotation for any work deemed necessary.

Most of our work for homeowners in Corsham involves re-shaping, crown thinning and balancing, pollarding and pruning. This is usually done to improve the health, appearance and/or safety of a particular tree. We are also expert at felling trees of all sizes, should this become necessary as a last resort, including the grinding and removal of the stump.

If you need any arboreal assistance in Corsham or surroundings, contact West Country Tree Services by telephone on landline 01225 345137,  mobile 07759 205453, or email