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Tree Surgeons Calne Wiltshire

The view down across the pretty Wiltshire town of Calne from the hill on which is situated the Cherhill White Horse and Lansdowne Monument reveals just how many trees flourish in and around this market town.

Much of the compact town of Calne is designated a conservation area, which means the trees within it are protected and cannot be worked on unless an application is first made to the local Council.

The care and maintenance of Calne’s trees is therefore a delicate operation, best handled by professional arborists. For this reason West Country Tree Services – the area’s first choice for tree surgeons, are kept busy in Calne all year round.

Apart from being skilled and highly experienced – therefore well qualified to assess, advise and work on trees – West Country Tree Services make life much easier for the owners of protected trees by undertaking applications to the relevant authorities free of charge.

Cutting the “red tape” when it comes to working on protected trees is all part of the service that makes West Country arborists the best friend of trees and their owners in the Calne area!

We are happy to undertake any job, of any size – from dead wood removal and crown thinning, pollarding and re-shaping through to total removal (including the stump if required).

Our aim is to make trees healthier, happier and safe, so that they enhance your garden and the greater environment of Calne.

We recommend an annual inspection of your mature trees – particularly the older ones in the Calne Conservation Area. This way we can make sure any developing problems are corrected before they become hazardous, and deal with any damage already apparent.

Some of the things to look out for are a tree that is increasingly leaning (this could topple in a strong gust of wind); dead or dying branches which could fall in a storm or heavy snowfall; cracks, missing bark or any other anomalies on the tree trunk which indicate decay; root decay, as evidenced by ground movement around the base or fungal growth; and weakened V-shaped trunks or multi-stemmed trunks that may split in a high wind.

For assistance with these, or any other tree-related problems, contact West Country Tree Services as soon as possible so that we can offer you a no-obligation competitive quote. Call telephone 01225 345137 mobile 07759 205453, or email