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Bath Tree Services

Tree Surgeons Bath (BA1 + BA2)

We’re proud to be tree surgeons in Bath, the magnificent north east Somerset heritage city, curating and caring for the arboreal environment as well as providing stump grinding and hedge work across the BA1 and BA2 Bath postcodes.

The historic importance and architectural beauty of Bath means that it is one of the biggest Conservation Areas in the UK, covering almost three quarters of the city.

It’s not only the listed buildings of Bath that are situated in the city’s Conservation Areas – there are a great number of trees as well. This means that as local Bath tree surgeons, we at West Country Tree Services have to be knowledgeable and well-versed in the laws pertaining to trees in conservation areas and those subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

We are highly experienced in consulting with property owners and authorities in Bath and the surrounding suburbs and ensuring that the city’s trees are treated with as much care and consideration as the rest of its heritage landscape.

As Bath arborists we care for trees throughout the city and in the suburban areas of Bathwick, Bear Flat, Claverton Down, Combe Down, Kingsmead, Lansdown, Larkhall, Locksbrook and Lyncombe. We’re also provide our services in Newbridge, Odd Down, Twerton, Walcot, Westmoreland, Weston and Widcombe.

We can guide you through the process of obtaining permission from the Bath and North East Somerset Council for undertaking works or felling on a tree in a conservation area or under a TPO.

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In general terms all trees in a Conservation Area with a trunk diameter of 75mm or more – measured at 1.5 metres above natural ground level – are protected under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. You have to give at least six weeks notice to the BANES Council if you want to prune or fell such a tree, or face a hefty fine (up to £20,000 for cutting a tree down).

It’s important to remember that all parts of a tree in a Conservation Area are protected – including its roots. You need to give notice to the Council, therefore, if you plan doing any building work or digging that may impact on a tree’s root system in Bath.

The rules governing work on trees protected by a TPO in Bath are even more strict and well enforced.

All the regulations for protecting trees in a Conservation Area are necessary because trees contribute significantly to the aesthetics of the landscape, enhancing the setting of the historic buildings and other features in the locality.

When you are in need of a tree surgeon in Bath, with so many areas of designated historic interest, it is very important to contract for the work with a company which employs only professional, qualified arborists. We will not only ascertain whether the tree/s requiring work are protected, but make sure the work itself is carried out to the highest possible standard, within legal and safe guidelines.

If you would like to consult us about the health and well-being of your trees in Bath or surrounds, contact us, West Country Tree Services, at telephone 01225 345137, mobile 07759 205453, or email us.

We offer a wide range of tree services in BATH including the following


Trees in urban areas like Bath need pruning, thinning, reducing, and pollarding to stay in shape, grow healthily and not present a danger or obstruction to passers-by. Work on trees in Bath, particularly in conservation areas, should be carried out professionally by experienced tree surgeons, like West Country Tree Services. Get in touch with us on 01225 345137 to book an appointment for tree surgery in Bath.


Tree stumps in Bath left behind when a tree is felled in a garden or public place can cause an obstruction, trip hazard, sprout new shoots or simply look unsightly. West Country Tree Services are equipped with the knowledge and machinery required to efficiently and tidily remove tree stumps in Bath, even in awkward situations. Call us on 01225 345137 or mobile 07759 205453 to eradicate tree stumps in Bath.


There are dozens of beautiful hedges in Bath, in the many public parks, surrounding Georgian heritage buildings and in private gardens. West Country Tree Services is kept busy keeping Bath’s hedges in trim, not only so they look good but stay healthy. If you have an overgrown hedge in Bath don’t let it become an eyesore. Contact us on 01225 345137 or mobile 07759 205453 and we’ll make your Bath hedge manageable and neat.


We keep Bath warm and toasty by providing fuel for log burners and open fires in homes, hotels, guest houses, pubs and restaurants. Our locally sourced seasoned firewood logs in Bath can be delivered free of charge to anywhere in the city. Contact us on 01225 345137 or mobile 07759 205453 to stock up with hardwood or softwood logs in Bath.

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